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If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to reach out to me! This is just a list of frequently asked questions that I have received. I hope this helps!

Please note my processing time is always in business days and in Eastern Standard Time.


  • When can I expect my order?
    • You can expect your order to ship the business day after your processing time has ended due to the restrictions of the Post Office hours. I understand everyone is excited when they purchase a new item online, trust me I get just as excited as you! Please stay up to date with current processing times when you make your purchase. My processing time is in business days, not regular days. See "What is a business day/your processing time?" for more information on the definition. Please remember, I am a small business and I make every order made to order. This means that I have to make your items when your orders come through, I do not have the stock ready beforehand. You will receive a confirmation email once you place an order and another email once your order ships. Due to high volume, there are no processing update emails in between. I am very appreciative of every single one of you! Thank you so much for your patience and your support. You have no idea what it means to me!
    • Also - Priority Mail ONLY changes how fast the package will get to you AFTER the processing time.
  • How does your processing time work?
    • I begin counting an order's processing time as "Day 1" the business day after the order has come through, excluding weekends (see below). I only count Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time) as working business days since the Post Office can be hard to reach on the weekends. This also excludes major holidays. If it is a major holiday, then I do not count it as a business day. Therefore, if you place an order on Monday, your processing begins on Tuesday. If you place an order on Friday, your processing begins on Monday. However, if you place your order on Saturday or Sunday, your processing time will begin on Tuesday since Monday would count as the day it is technically received by me and Tuesday would begin the next business day (please use following photo for reference). Please also note, I am located in Eastern Standard Time, so your order may be effected by the time difference. Again, you will receive an order confirmation email when you place your order and a shipping email once your items have shipped. Due to high volume, there are no emails in between. Please remember, I am a small business and I make every order made to order by myself and, therefore, I reserve the right to adjust my processing time at any time for any reason. 
    • If the license plate frame does not fit my car, can I return it?
      • I can only except returns on items that have been damaged from my doing. Please see my Refund Policy for more information.
    • My package was lost in the mail, what do I do now?
      • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If a package has been lost in transit by any mail carrier service please first:
        • -Check with neighbors to see if they have received your package on accident
        • -Contact your local Postmaster to see what may have happened to your package
        • -Wait a few days to see if anything shows up in case your package was marked by mistake
      • If after all of these you still cannot locate your package, please email customcraftsbymichelle1@gmail.com.

    Care/Application/Product Questions

    • Can I put these stickers on my car or water bottles?
      • Yes, these stickers are weatherproof. However, I do not recommend dishwashing any item with the sticker on them. For the best life of your stickers please visit my Application & Care Instructions page.
    • I bought a skinny tumbler with stickers on it, can I dishwash it?
      • I do not recommend dishwashing anything with stickers on them to prolong the life of the stickers. Gently handwashing the tumbler is the best option.
    • What are the license plate frames made out of?
      • The license plates frames are aluminum.
    • Do I have to use the mounting kit the license plate frame came with?
      • No, the mounting kit is optional. Your current screws will work just as good.
    • Will the license plate frame fit my car?
      • The license plate frames are made to fit almost every standard US or Canadian license plate. 

    Custom Orders

    • What is a custom order and how do I place one?
      • Custom orders can be made of anything on the website, or if or have another idea we can discuss its possibilities. To discuss and place a custom order, please reach out to me by e-mail. Please visit my Need to Contact Me? page for my information.