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Application & Care Instructions

How to Apply Your Sticker

Here's a few quick tips and a video on how to apply your new sticker!
  1. - Take a credit card and smooth sticker out to relieve any air bubbles. 
  2. - If the surface is able, use the alcohol pad that is provided* with the sticker, to clean the surface of the desired area (excludes electronic devices/screens).
  3. - Ensure the desired area is dry before applying sticker.
  4. - Slowly remove the green lined backing off of the sticker and be sure to be careful, the design can be intricate.
  5. - Line up and place sticker in the desired area. For best results, place the middle of the sticker on the desired area first, then slowly smooth the sticker outwards from the middle. 
  6. - Once sticker is secure and all air bubbles are released, slowly peel off clear transfer tape

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*If you live internationally (outside of the United States), I unfortunately cannot send the complimentary alcohol wipe through the mail :(

Care Instructions


Follow these tips and tricks to help get the longest life of your stickers or stickered accessories! Your new sticker or accessory is water resistant but entirely waterproof! For example, if you put your sticker on a:

Car: it is safe throughout weather* and car washes!

*do not submerge the stickers in water or leave snow on the stickers for long periods of time. Doing either of these could effect the life/durability of the sticker.

Tumblers/Cups/Mugs/etc: following these tips could help prolong the life of the stickers on your tumbler/cup/mug/etc.

Gentle hand wash only; no hard scrubbing/abrasive materials. 
-Do not soak
-Not dishwasher safe
-Not microwave safe


In this quick video, I show you two different ways to apply your new sticker!



Follow these tips and tricks to help get the longest life of your koozies!

-Hand wash/very gentle wash
-Do not machine dry, air dry only
-Do not put in microwave/dishwasher
-Do not iron



Please also refer to the care instructions for your specific item when you receive your package.

If you have any questions about placing it somewhere else, please feel free to reach out!